Teaching references

hand_with_cards“Katja’s lessons are well planned, her materials are of high quality… She has always been very popular with her students and her colleagues alike.”
Agnès Groleau | Head of Languages 
City Literary Institute, London

“I have found that Katja’s two greatest pedagogical gifts are her ability to explain subject matter in a variety of ways to accommodate different learning styles; and, her ability to be both gentle and honest with adult language learners”  Read in full
Jacquelyn Stucker | Royal Opera House, London / Deutsche Oper, Berlin

“I saw the cost as an investment in myself.
Now I am able to work all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”
Tim Smith | Investment Banking

“Thank you for the classes. I am now, at last, learning German.”
Sylvia Green | Private Student

Katja Parmar teaching a class in Freiburg

All of us are more rich now, all of us are motivated to learn German, because of you.
I was looking forward to every lecture… at 18:25 (before the lecture), I felt tired, but after
5 minutes, I recovered all my energies…

Riccardo Mori